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Velingrad is located in the largest valley of the Rhodope Mountains - Chepinska. The mineral springs (80 in number), the mild climate and beautiful scenery are the great wealth of the city. Velingrad is one of the largest SPA resorts in Bulgaria and is known as the SPA capital of the Balkans.


Devin is located in the western Rhodope mountains, on the slopes of the Devin mountain. The towns history dates back to Thracian times. In the region of the city are three reserves - Kastraklii, Kazanite and The Old Forest, which preserved virgin pine and spruce forests and rich flora and fauna.


Hissar is a town in southern Bulgaria. Typical of the town of Hissar is the thermal field from 22 springs, located in a small region with different physical and chemical characteristics and temperature, with proven medicinal qualities. Hissar city is famous for its beautiful parks with about 300 plant species.


Sandanski is a town in southwestern Bulgaria. This is the warmest Bulgarian town in all seasons. The air in Sandanski has the lowest content of allergens in Bulgaria and is suitable for the treatment of asthma and allergic diseases. The town is famous as a natural health and spa center.

Pavel banya

Pavel Banya is a relatively new settlement, located near the town of Kazanlak, near Koprinka Dam. Key to the economy of Pavel banya are SPA tourism, as well as the manufacture and processing of oil-bearing crops.


Founded with the name Anhialo at the end of V century BC, Pomorie is located 20 km. away from Bourgas. Until the beginning of last century it was one of the most important coastal cities in the Bulgarian lands. Currently, the economic profile of the town is determined by the tourism and wine industry.


Varshets is a city in northwestern Bulgaria. Its geological and geographical position make it a climatic resort, famous for its hot mineral water and a mild mountain climate, creating favorable conditions for an effective WELLNESS and SPA destination.


Kyustendil is a town in southwestern Bulgaria. Located near the border with the Republic of Macedonia and Serbia. SPA and tourist center with national and international importance, archaeological and architectural reserve, starting point skiing in the mountains Osogovo.


Bankya is a town in Sofia District. It is famous SPA center. The resort is a national center for rehabilitation of patients with cardiovascular disease and its prevention. Cozy hotels and restaurants, tennis complex, hippodromeand mineral beach, causing the interest of many guests.

Sapareva banya

Sapareva banya is located 75 km. southwest of Sofia. In the village is located the sole geyser fountain in Bulgaria and continental Europe (103? C). The natural resources, the climate and the location of the municipality are prerequisites for development of SPA, eco and rural tourism.


Ognyanovo is a Bulgarian village in southwestern Bulgaria near the border with Greece. The village has an altitude of 540 m, a favorable climate and by adding the mineral springs and complex, it turned in an excellent location for SPA and rural tourism.

Belchin banya

Belchin banya is a village in western Bulgaria, Sofia. It is located in the picturesque valley between the mountains Rila, Verila, Vitosha and Plana. The resort has thermal waters with proven curative and prophylactic effects on the musculoskeletal system and skin dermatitis.

v. Banya, Bansko

Banya is a village located only 5 km. northeast of the world famous ski resort Bansko. The village is dotted with remnants of arheologicheski Thracian times. Near the village of Banya there is 70 mineral springs with water temperatures around 55 C for use in outdoor swimming pools and mineral baths.


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