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Bulgaria is a small country, where everyone can find what they seek. Filled with centuries of history and blessed with countless paradises, it is open to anyone wishing to feel. KaVi Holidays offers you to discover Bulgaria with our organized tours. You will make an exciting journey through time, experiencing an ancient history for a week. You will be able to see how past and present meet to build together the future. You will learn about religion, life and culture of the Bulgarians over time. You will be fascinated by the beauty of Bulgarian nature and the wonderful taste of Bulgarian wine. Bulgaria is known for its diversity of wine grapes. Climate, topography and soils are very suitable for growing grapes and making wine. According to various soil and climatic conditions, the country is divided into several regions, each of them offers specific grape varieties and wines. KaVi Holidays offers you full package of services for tourists wishing to visit places associated with the production of wine in our country. We provide transport and accommodation information to and from several wineries in Bulgaria. We also organize wine tasting at one of the best wineries.
The Bulgarian lands have more than 150 monasteries and many churches and chapels that have kept the spirit of its time. Bulgarian monasteries impress with its magnificent architecture, the unfading frescoes and murals, exquisite icons and wood carvings made by self-taught architects, builders and artists. During difficult times, monasteries were centers of patriotism which is extremely helpful for keeping national confidence and hopes of the Bulgarians.
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