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Bonjour, You are in Paris!


Bonjour, You are in Paris!

Ah, Paris, Paris .. The city of love and lovers. And how not to love when everything around you has hints of romance and tenderness - the river, squares, streets, people. Paris excites all the senses - it needs to be heard, seen, touched, felt the taste and smell. The beauty of the Seine and multicolored landscapes typical cafes - everything here is the essence of France, her charm and magic. Known as the "City of Lights", Paris will obey even if you are not an artist, you will appreciate and gasp at the pictures that will show you. Because Paris is woven art and aristocracy.

The three days spent in the French capital were filled with beautiful scenery, long walks and sightseeing. And there is certainly plenty to see. I never dreamed of visiting this city has attracted me and I was a target, but I'm glad that circumstances led me here and I was able to enjoy the atmosphere of French culture and traditions.

We traveled by plane from Sofia. Paris has two international airports - Charles de Gaulle northern and southern Orly. We landed on the south, then took the train and in 30 minutes we reached the subway. Public transport does not shine with cleanliness, but taxis in France are quite expensive. We arrived at the hotel, is settled, let your bags and decided to start exploring the city. Of course, our first stop was the Eiffel Tower.

The Eiffel Tower is definitely remarkable and strangely beautiful in its ugliness. It is visited by over 6 million tourists annually. One of the symbols of Paris, it was built for two years and is open to 31.03.1889godina. There are three floors, you can go walking to the second and / or elevator to the top. We combined the climb to enjoy the view over the city, which is really wonderful. It's nice to see the tower at night, because then all the lights on and looks very romantic. In 15 minutes a light show. You should not be afraid of queues in front of her - the organization is good for thirty minutes you get a ticket. But if you have an Advance will jump ahead of others. The price is between 8 and 13 euros.

The next stop on our tour was the Louvre. Situated on 60,000 square meters, this museum contains more than 35,000 works of art and one of the most famous masterpieces. It was opened in 1793 and has three wings - Denon, Sully and Richelieu. Because we did not have much time, we only consider one of the Denon where they are "Mona Lisa" by Leonardo, "Seer" of Caravaggio, "Liberty leading the people" of Delacroix and many more treasures. Good to know that the holidays are not working, and every first Sunday of the month is not paid in, which is normally 9-14 euros. The building of the Louvre is a masterpiece of architecture and the ticket is worth paying, even if you can only look at the yard. In 1989 it was discovered glass pyramid entrance to the wings of the museum, which was met with mixed reviews. I personally liked it and the exterior supplemented by importing contemporary element.

You can not go to the French capital and fail to see the Hunchback of Notre Dame or otherwise Notre Dame. Catholic cathedral was completed in 1345 and the curious fact is that it is crowned Napoleon. There are beautiful stained glass windows and excellent acoustics, because often there are organized concerts. Gothic Church collects 9,000 souls with their incredible size. The visit is free.

We ended our first day in France by examining the Basilica Sacré-Cœur and Montmartre. The basilica is located at the highest point of Paris and it is one of the largest bells in the world, weighing 19 tons. Montmartre is even known for its nightlife - here is the Moulin Rouge.

The next day we decided to disband a little like a walk through the gardens of Paris - Tuileries, Luxembourg and Botanical Garden. We enjoyed the leisure and greenery that offered day and proceeded to leisurely stroll along the boulevards of the city. Here I first saw what a 100 m wide avenue, namely - Champs Elysees. Connecting the Arc de Triomphe to the Louvre, the famous boulevard is dotted with some of the most expensive stores in the world. He looked them without being able to afford purchases and sat in one of the many cafes overlooking the street to enjoy a good cup of coffee and croissants while watching colorful crowd.

Slipped imperceptibly over time and after a delicious dinner in a restaurant on the banks of the Seine, went back to the hotel happy walks and shopping for souvenirs. For next day we had planned to see a few more places before we board a plane to Bulgaria.

The next morning we all woke up early eager to enjoy our stay as full. As for the finale of our trip we were left to visit Versailles. Located about 20 kilometers from Paris, the former hunting lodge of Louis XIII was converted into a residence of Louis XIV - the Sun King. Built in lavish luxury and splendor, the interior attracts many tourists wishing to explore the mirrored room, the chambers of the king and the queen, hall of Apollo, of peace and war, filled with expensive furniture, gold and artwork. Due to the great interest it is better to buy tickets in advance on the internet to save 2-3 hours queue.

Even more interesting are the beautiful gardens of Versailles. Located in an area of ​​100 hectares, they are many fountains, pools and waterways, greenhouse and two palaces - proof of royal splendor.

Weekends spent Paris, European capital with a rich history and culture, cosmopolitan, modern but retains its spirit and traditions fills me up with energy and showed me a different way of life. Way, filled with romance, with the scent of Renaissance art and whispers of love. Paris is beautiful in every season, still glamorous and alluring a glass of wine and long conversations, it will make you fall in love whenever you visit.



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